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Hi there, welcome

Isn’t it great when you feel like you’re home?
Hundreds of Ballarat people call one2one Church their spiritual home — a welcoming place for people of all ages and backgrounds to meet God and others.

We know that sometimes trying something new is met with a lot of questions, hopefully, the list below provides some answers for you.

Ballarat Church Sunday Worship

What time is church on a Sunday?

Each Sunday we run two services 10am and 6pm. Our children’s ministry program – one2one Kids runs during our 10am throughout the school term. Our services aim to run for around 60-70 minutes.

What is one2one Kids?

one2one Kids is our kids ministry program that runs during our 10am services. We offer programs for 2 ages groups, Pre-school caters for the little ones aged 3.5 to Kindergarten (inclusive). The children learn about God and Jesus through Bible stories and teaching experiences. Free play, games, crafts, puppets, singing, dancing, and musical instruments are part of this great program. one2one Kids Primary is our Sunday Morning Program for primary-aged children (Sunday School). The children learn from the Bible about ‘faith’ and what in means to have Jesus as their best friend. Bible Stories from both the Old and New Testament is a focus. Games, crafts, puppets, singing, dancing and musical instruments are also a part of this exciting program.

Where do I come?

We are blessed with ample onsite parking at our building, 121 Gillies Street South, Alfredton [View on Google Maps]. Enter via the South Gate. Follow the stream of people through to the big glass doors that are our main entrance.

Do I need to register before hand?

No you don’t, just rock up on the day!

What does church look like on a Sunday?

On a Sunday, we gather as a church, sing songs of hope and praise to God, and one of our pastors share a short practical message of hope and faith. Don’t worry, we don’t have an organ, but instead, have a contemporary band. Stick around afterwards to meet new people, and hopefully make new friends.

Is there coffee?

Our Cafe is open on a Sunday morning, serving barista-made coffee following each service. Make sure that you grab a welcome bag, and the first few coffees are on us.

Is one2one a Catholic Church?

We are a contemporary church in Ballarat, and we are associated with Churches of Christ in Victoria and Tasmania. Our full Church name is – one2one Church of Christ, or simply one2one Church.

Wondering what an actual service looks like?

Watch one of our recent Sunday services on our YouTube channel.
Watch a previous service

Still got questions?

Have other questions? Feel free to contact us – we’d love to chat with you.
At one2one we believe God has given us a mission to give Our all for God’s glory. We do this through our vision to Reaching People, because these are the people we love, Renewing Lives because there really is more to life and Releasing Ministry because everyone can make a difference. If this resonates with you, join us this Sunday.