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Building Project

Building Project

phase 1 has started

gathering as usual

We are excited to announce that we will hand over a section of the building to the builders on Monday, July 15th 2024. The builders expect the project to take about a year.

While construction is underway, we will gather as usual, with a few minor changes.

ID: Red shipping container being offloaded off a white truck in the church grounds.

key things to know

new entrance

Our main entrance will be closed during this phase of the project. Fortunately, we have a secondary entrance on the north side of the building. Please use this entrance for entry and exit.

changes to the location of kids and youth programs

Kids and youth programs have been relocated to our office space, accessible via the office entrance.


Most of our carpark will remain accessible. If you can, please park and walk around the building, leaving closer spots for those who need them


Upgrading and expanding our toilet facilities is a major priority. During construction, our current facilities will be unavailable. Temporary toilets are available in the courtyard.

storage rearrangement

The hall, kitchen, and surrounding rooms have been cleared for construction. As a result, some cabinets have been temporarily relocated around the building.

no access

We will have no access to: the hall, kitchen, toilets, entrance way, surrounding rooms and interconnecting hallway. Ministries have been relocated to other temporary spaces where required.

entrance changes

During the construction period, the north entrance off the courtyard will be our primary entrance into the cafe, foyer and auditorium.


why are we doing this?

This first phase of renovations will achieve three key enhancements for our ministries:

Improved Hall: The hall will be transformed into a more functional, less industrial space for our kids and youth ministries.
Expanded Kitchen: The kitchen will double in size.
Upgraded Toilets: We will more than double the number of toilets. There will be separate toilets for kids in the kids' ministry area and for adults near the auditorium.

where do I drop off my kids on a Sunday?

Our one2one Kids program will run out of our open planned office space. Please drop your kids off at the northern office entrance before church.

where do I drop off my youth on a Friday?

Our Thrive Youth program will generally run out of our open planned office space. Please drop your kids off at the northern office entrance.