Mission Stories

Swap bunnies for goats this Easter.

Discover the stories of some of our mission partners.
For the safety and well being of the students, names and places have been removed.

P. and M. are based in a mountainous region, 500 km away from a major city, where most villagers work on the tea plantation.
Most people in this tribe have many religions but the majority holds Muslim religion. One of the challenges here is social integration, especially as an outsider coming to a Muslim village.
Their ministry placement will involve, the livestock program where the team are utilizing goats in a breeding program for the poor and marginalized community, early childhood education and an afterschool English tutoring with stories from the Bible. In 2021, this particular outreach has grown from 2 kids to 20 kids.

I. and S. are reaching their community through tutoring kids, and running kids and youth ministry activities in a regional community.

K. is based in the northernmost region of Eastern Indonesia.

Most people are involved in fishing and agriculture: coconuts, nutmeg, cloves, sago and other varieties. Here they will minister in a rural setting with the outreach team from Churches of Christ.

When we read the Bible, we use Discovery Bible Study. which is a simple, self-discovery focused way to explore what it means to be a disciple. We ask questions like, what does this story show us about God, about people and how can we respond to the story.

Please support our partners through prayer.

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