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Date Posted Title Scripture/Brief Listen Downloads
Sep 18, 2018 Everyone Can Make a Difference Tim closes off our ‘You are Gifted’ series encouraging us all that we have something that God has given us to contribute no matter our past. Listen Download
Sep 10, 2018 Your Call to Ministry From the days of the early church, recorded in Acts 6, people have been called to serve in specific ways to help the church grow. It’s still the same today as we seek to grow His kingdom. Listen Download
Sep 3, 2018 Father’s Day – What Impression Will You Make? A Father’s Day message for everyone about the impression as Christian we want to make on the lives of the people we care about. Listen Download
Aug 27, 2018 What’s your gift? Part 2 If you enjoy it and if God employs it and if others encourage it, then it’s probably a spiritual gift. Charles Milne takes us through the scripture in Romans 12 on spiritual gifts to help us lock on to ours. Listen Download
Aug 20, 2018 Membership Matters Mark shares part of God’s plan for us to use our gifts together for His service. We are all part of the one body and are indispensable. Listen Download
Aug 13, 2018 What’s Your Gift? pt1 Part 1 of a 2 part message exploring the ways in which God gifts his people. Listen Download
Aug 5, 2018 God’s Good Gift Here’s the launch of the new series. You Are Gifted. Mark Dainton kicks off the series talking about God’s good gift to us. Listen Download
Jul 30, 2018 Fear Not Is worry getting the best of you? Don’t let it – take your worries to the cross instead. Andrew Goodson highlights Jesus’ role in taking control of the worry in our life. Listen Download
Jul 25, 2018 Living in the Light of Eternity Love God, Love People and fulfil your calling! Author and teacher, Mark Conner shares his heart for living with Eternity in mind. Listen Download
Jul 23, 2018 One Life to Give Guest Preacher – David Ratten delivers a powerful message about giving. Preaching from Jesus’ story of the man that tore down his barns to build bigger ones to store his large harvest, but that night was to give his life. Listen Download