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Date Posted Title Scripture/Brief Listen Downloads
Apr 17, 2019 Ben Dainton – Getting Unstuck Listen Download
Apr 17, 2019 Ben Dainton – Saved for a Purpose Listen Download
Apr 10, 2019 Term 1 Youth Take Over Fun, games and donuts it must be the Youth take over! This week Sally using her monopoly metaphors shows how we can put Jesus first in our lives. We also say our goodbyes to Tim and the rest of the Walter Listen Download
Apr 3, 2019 Jesus and Muhammed Dr Bernie Power compares the lives of Jesus and Muhammed in the last talk of his Brave Conversations weekend with us. Listen Download
Apr 3, 2019 Understanding Islam Dr Bernie Power is our guest in this Brave Conversation weekend.  This message asks the question What would Jesus do as we try to understand Islam. Listen Download
Mar 27, 2019 Imagine Heaven: Rewards That Last In the final instalment of our Imagine Heaven series Mark summarises our investigation in to Heaven by speaking on Rewards That Last. Listen Download
Mar 19, 2019 Imagine Heaven: The Highlight of Heaven This week Mark speaks on Jesus – the Highlight of Heaven, His Life, Light and Love.  Also hear some of the Dale Black’s incredible experience after surviving what should have been a fatal plane crash. Listen Download
Mar 19, 2019 Imagine Heaven – The Beauty Of Heaven This week Mark speaks about The Beauty Of Heaven. Listen Download
Mar 6, 2019 Imagine heaven – Relationships in Heaven This week Mark speaks on “Relationships in Heaven” and the perfections that come when you enter heaven. Listen Download
Feb 27, 2019 Imagine Heaven – Evidence of the Afterlife This week Mark begins our “Imagine Heaven” series sharing some of the reasons he personally believes in Heaven in a sermon titled “Evidence Of The Afterlife.” Listen Download